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Architectural designs, projects, sketches and 3D models...

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Architectural Sketches

Substantial, precise and bespoke sketches of architecture. Delivering you excellence in all aspects of the drawing with an extensive use of high quality, time and perspicuous attention to detail. 

3D Architectural Models

These 3D Models represent and perspicuously demonstrate the 2D plans into a 3D model that shows viewers the texture, shape and size of potential buildings.

These Models are made with time, accuracy and attention to detail.



Hospital model 

Redevelopment of Gladesvilles mental health precinct

Created in 2021

Residential model 

Redevelopment of Gladesvilles mental health precinct

Created in 2021

Acrylic Mirror 2000mm x 1100mm

Award-winning concave mirrored sculpture 

Awarded 100% 

Created in 2022

My work “Non-Veridical” involves the collective use of concavity and mirror, designed to
invite interiority within the viewer. The title “Non-veridical” refers my work to the stimulus
dimensions where it is only subjectively perceived to be what it is entirely relying upon the audience to create their own interpretation. Through the mirror's purposeful flipped reflection curated and positioned in the midst of nature, I am able to turn the viewer's world upside down to ignite the question “what am I looking at?” Yet similar to Anish Kapoor's “Non-object”, the shape of the surface forces the viewers to carefully position themselves in relation to the object before seeing themselves in it which slows down the viewing process. In this sense, my work acts as a paradox in nature, designed to grab the audience's attention whilst allowing them to become active observers of their world stimulating the counterpoint idea that our world goes unnoticed until it is turned upside down and is distorted. This anthropic yet eccentric connection between the viewer and my work defies the physical boundaries of viewing the world designed to open alternate perspectives and curiosities of the natural world.

Limited minds in an infinite world 
Acrylic perspex, mirrored film, ‘Weld-on’ solvent, 3D printing, mp3 audio — 600 x 300 x 900mm
“Limited minds in an infinite world”—this is us. The mediocrity prevalent within our current society inspired me to create a skilful curation of mirrors, light, reflections, and sound to infinitely expand the viewers' perceptions of our world. Timothy Oulton and Guilamelle Lachapelle both skillfully create infinite reflections through mirrors and light to remove the limits within the viewer's perception. Drawing inspiration from these conceptual artists allowed me to hone my conceptualisation and understanding of mirrors, lights, and reflections to purposefully immerse the viewers within my infinite artwork “Limited minds in an infinite world”, making my work inseparable with the audience. Since architecture transforms ideas into a reality, Lachapelle inspired my use of 3D printing to create mundane, mediocre and hostile architectural models, combined with the installation of light to illuminate the ‘programming of our minds’ in our daily lives. To make this piece an ultimate sensorial experience, I decided to implement satirical and confronting audio to further engage the audience. My strategic use of mixed media, through bonding acrylic mirrors, audio, 3D printing and incorporating light in order to create infinite reflections, I intend to expand the viewers perception on how the limited social construct has become inherited within our infinite minds, influencing us to remain living in mediocrity, renouncing any deviation from the majority. 
Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 1.42.00 pm.png

The Beirut Project

This project is the before and after of Beirut's Port. One half is the sad, dull destruction and the other half is the new and improved future potential city. 

Created in 2018



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